Language Learning Coaching

Learning a new language is a skill.

For most prospective learners this is both a good thing and a bad thing. On one hand, if it’s a skill you’re not very good at it can make the process of learning a language extremely difficult and frustrating. What’s worse is if you’re going through the route of most traditional language classes, they tend to do an extremely poor job of teaching you the proper way to learn a language. So what’s the good part?

Since language learning is a skill it means you can be taught to do it well.

That’s where coaching comes in. Rather than teach you a specific language we teach you how to learn languages. Once you’ve learned the skill of language learning it doesn’t matter where you are, how old you are or what you circumstances are you can learn a language to fluency quickly and easily.

Like with our fitness coaching all of our language learning coaching clients get personalized one-on-one attention. We don’t just send you a cookie cutter outline of how to learn, we work with you day by day to help you get into your groove and find what’s best for you and what fits your lifestyle and learning style.

Since language learning is an in-depth process we only offer two options, Basic Coaching and In-Depth Coaching.

Basic Coaching provides personalized individual coaching but with slightly more autonomy. We work with you closely to develop an individualized plan and coach you through the learning process with weekly calls or Skype meetings.

Basic Coaching is ideal for people who want a personalized plan for learning a second language but don’t need the constant attention of In-Depth Coaching. Spaces are limited (though not as much as for In-Depth Coaching) and the program costs $150 per month.

In-Depth Coaching is for people who want as much hands-on guidance as possible through their language learning process. In addition to the personalized plan and step-by-step coaching you get through Basic Coaching you also get our personal cellphone number so you have 24/7 access to us.

That means if you have any questions or any problems come up at any time we’re there to help. In-Depth Coaching clients also have access to more frequent check-in options if they prefer and direct assistance in finding learning resources, working through unexpected stumbling blocks and any other immediate and direct assistance that might be required. With In-Depth Coaching essentially everything but the learning is taken care of for you.

In-Depth Coaching costs $400 per month and spaces are very limited in order to ensure the highest amount of personal attention as possible to each client.

Both of these coaching options are subject to our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for each month of coaching. That means that if you let us know within one month from the date your coaching started you get that month’s coaching fees refunded fully, no questions asked.

If you’re ready to get started learning that language you’ve struggled with or have always dreamed of being fluent in, or you just have a question about coaching, just let us know.

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