Fluent in 6 Months: Progress Update

Having learned from my Winter Molt Challenge that regular progress updates are not only tedious to produce but, honestly, probably not that interesting to read this is going to be the only check in for this challenge until you get our final result.

We’re now a little past the halfway point and I am extremely pleased with our progress. Our 1,000 words in 30 days mini-challenge worked out really well, though I’ve found it a little difficult to quantify exactly how well we did. I can, however, tell a huge difference in our comprehension as a direct result of the vocabulary boost.

We both now regularly read the news in Korean everyday. We are also working through Korean books. I can’t say we have 100% comprehension at this point, but it’s sufficient to read and then usually be able to relate about 80% to 90% of what happened.

What I am most pleased about overall, is that we are no longer slaves to English subtitles on Korean shows. Much like the books we don’t always get everything, but we can now enjoy an entire TV show in Korean without the aid of an .srt file. Of all our accomplishments, I find that one to be the biggest and most motivating.

I’m also finding that our conversations with native speakers are becoming progressively easier, with much fewer corrections being necessary.

With roughly two months left, I’m eager to see how our challenge ends. Given our progress so far, I have to say I’m extremely optimistic.