The Winter Molt Challenge: Losing 56 lbs. in Under 4 Months

For my first challenge, I have decided to tackle something that I’ve struggled with for quite some time now – fitness. After all, being fat bars me from performing as well as I would like in a variety of skills which I’m currently pursuing such as parkour, martial arts and b-boying. Being fat is, in almost every way, a direct obstacle to being epic.

As I mentioned, this is an old fight for me. Back when I was a teenager I was a self-described butter-sucking eat beast topping out at one point at around 300 pounds. I fought hard to fix a whole lot of bad habits and, at 23 years old, am now a slightly more respectable 206 pounds.

Something happened though, after that final transition from monstrous to just plain chubby. I’m not sure if it’s just an issue of complacency, or other things in my life (college, work etc.) getting in the way but I’ve never been able to break that 200 pound line. I fight for a little while, and then I just kind of fall out of it and bounce back to where I was.

That is precisely why I have chosen it as my first Road to Epic challenge.

Starting today, November 1st (both the 1st of the month and a Monday, about as auspicious a date as I could hope for) I will challenge myself to reach my goal of 150 lbs. by the vernal equinox, March 21st. That gives me a little under 4 months to drop 56 lbs., or a little under 3 lbs. lost per week.

Along the way I’ll deconstruct everything I’m doing and examine what works and what doesn’t, providing all of you with progress reports and helpful tips as I go.

Anyone who is interested in taking the challenge with me should feel free to comment with your progress and any tips you may want to add.

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