Winter Molt Challenge: Week 2

As encouraging as the first week was, this week was every bit as disheartening.

To start with, at the beginning of the week I was stricken with a particularly nasty cold. I would say flu, since I did have a fever, but there was no nausea – just fun things like constant chronic coughing, loss of my voice, sinuses more congested than the Cross Bronx Expressway and an unstoppable crew of cranial jackhammer operators.

As of today few of these symptoms have abated. Needless to say, I have had no interest in working out this week and have not only not started my daily high intensity interval training as I had originally planned, but I didn’t even do a single strength workout this week.

On top of that, the first of our three Thanksgiving dinners was held on the 12th. That means, in addition to not a single day of exercise, constant consumption of copious amounts of such nutritional staples as pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream and mashed potatoes among other things.

Surprisingly, of my 8 pounds lost in the first week, I only gained 3 pounds back. That is a serious relief for me, as I expected completely falling off the wagon as I did would have left me even heavier than when I first began.

I intend to be extra diligent in the coming week to make up for this past one as best as I possibly can. Some of you may be saying that I should have just sucked it up and worked out while sick, or just skipped out entirely on the Thanksgiving dinner.

That’s all well and good to say, but unfortunately I’m quite human. It would have been rude at best to skip out on dinner or not eat and, even if that weren’t the case, it would take superhuman willpower to resist Caroline’s cooking. As far as working out while sick, it would seem exceptionally foolish to put extra strain on my central nervous system and further weaken my immune system when I’m already ill. Sure it would’ve been the hardcore thing to do, but it also would have been the dumb thing to do.

Weight lost: -3 lbs.
Days left: 127
Weight left to lose: 51 lbs.
Current Goal Loss Rate: 2.8 lbs/week
Current Average Loss Rate: 2.5 lbs/week

This Week’s Lesson:
It is inevitable that forces beyond your control will cause you to screw up from time to time. What really makes or breaks how successful you are is how you deal with the bad things. Roll with the punches, get back on the horse, whatever metaphor you feel like tacking in there – it’s all about not letting it get to you. Better yet, don’t just roll with it, try and learn from it. I’ve learned that it’s not such a big deal if I screw up and have a terrible week, it just means I have to work a little harder to make up for it.